Kenny Voted Best Character in South Park 20 Times Article on (2023)

Top 20 times Kenny has been South Park's best character

Welcome to WatchMojo, today we're counting down the top 10 best Kenny roles in South Park.

In this list, we're going to focus on some of Kenny McCormick's best and most iconic South Park moments.

What was your favorite Kenny moment on the show? Be sure to let us know below.

#20: Kenny to Peruvian Music

Peruvian flute bands take over the town of South Park; they can be seen on almost every corner of the street. Initially, the boys didn't think much of it until they really couldn't escape the music. The only exception, however, is Kenny. Not once, but twice, we see Kenny collapse and show off his dance moves as the music plays. How Kenny expresses his appreciation for the genre, the audience can't help but be both amused and amusing. Let the South Park creators have such subtle, brief, funny moments in their scenes.

#19: "Fuck you guys, I'm going home"

Kyle is sick, so naturally his best friend Stan is upset about it. He regrets the possibility of losing his friend forever and feels powerless. That's understandable, but it ends up looking bad considering he's doing it in front of Kenny, who has been known to have passed away on multiple occasions without anyone even batting an eyelash. Kenny angrily stands up and yells out one of the most iconic catchphrases in the Cartman series. While the voice is muffled, it's another moment that showcases Kenny's signature.

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#18: Don’t let Cartman have a chicken horse beast

Chinpokomon is a hit among South Park kids, and everyone wants a piece. When Cartman goes into the town's toy store, he finally decides to buy a toy chick named "Penguin". He soon found out that there were none, the last one had been taken by Kenny. Cartman tries to take it from him, but Kenny doesn't give up. What ensues is a hilarious tug-of-war between the two boys. We commend Kenny for standing his ground and not letting Cartman have his way.

#17: Kenny Lives Another Day

During a trip to Costa Rica, Kenny met a girl named Kelly and had a crush on her. The pair's relationship was hit and miss, to say the least, but luckily Kenny got to know her. Near the end of the episode, he is struck by lightning. Originally, we expected this to be another typically grisly ending for our favorite fourth grader in an orange parka. But not so fast. In an unexpected twist, Kelly comes to his rescue and saves his life. Well, while he doesn't do anything here, we're just grateful and happy that he survived and was able to stay alive throughout the episode.

#16: Kenny Comes Back Forever

Speaking of life, you know we have to agree to his return to the show for this list. In season five, the creators got tired of finding new ways to get rid of the character and decided to kill the character for good. Luckily, they missed his presence and decided to casually bring him back at the end of season six's "Red Sleigh Down." People miss him very much, so his reappearance is eye-catching and makes the audience cherish and appreciate him even more. We just like it to look like nothing ever happened.

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#15: Trying to stop his parents from having kids

After his parents told him they were interested in having another child, Kenny was upset to say the least. Unable to bear this happening, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He made every effort to keep his parents from getting pregnant and took drastic measures. His plans are childish and hilarious to say the least, but we can't help but love Kenny's determination and are thoroughly entertained. Unfortunately, his father suffered as a result of his son's efforts. In the end, he didn't technically get another sibling, so we assume that means he stands out?

#14: Kenny Saves the Day

Electric scooters cause mayhem during South Park's Halloween trick-or-treating event, and Kenny and Mr. Mackey must save the world. Since the scooters are activated by phone, they go past cell towers trying to shut down everyone's phone. They managed to knock the tower down and the motorcycle stopped. This pair is the one we least expect, but never knew we really needed. What really moves us, however, is the joy of seeing Kenny being able to trick or treat with his friends.


#13: Kenny Attacks Death

As mentioned, Kenny is no stranger to death. However, in season two's "City on the Edge of Forever," he did fight back and took matters into his own hands. In reimagined memories, the boys look back at a time when they were chased by death. While Kenny actually died during the encounter, his recollections reveal that he confronted the figure and beat him up. We love the idea of ​​Kenny changing his own destiny, and doing it in such a bad way. It doesn't matter who you are; don't mess with Kenny.

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#12: Dr. Kenny McCormick

The South Park: Post-COVID special takes us 40 years into the future. Viewers get a glimpse of the old boys and learn about their lives. The only thing as shocking as Cartman's conversion to Judaism is Kenny becoming a world-renowned scientist. While only mentioned in passing in the special (because of not being alive in future timelines, of course), fans couldn't help but be delighted to see the progress Kenny made in life. Oh yeah, not to mention he was a major force in the search for a cure for the coronavirus and the discovery of time travel. What a guy.

#11: Swirling Flower-Nut Squash

To find out what happened to Chef, the boys visit the headquarters of the Super Adventure Club, the organization Chef joined after leaving South Park. Knowing the club's true intentions, club leaders called security to take them off the field. But before being escorted out, the boys retaliated and decided to rescue their friend. You might ask, what do they do with the super adventure club members who guard the chef? like this. It's all coming from left field, and we didn't even know Kenny was capable of making that move.

#10: Ruining Cartman's NASCAR Career

For some odd reason, Cartman thinks incompetence and poverty mean you have the talent to be the best NASCAR driver. Being a huge fan, Kenny is outraged by this and refuses to let Cartman out of his insulting beliefs while potentially becoming a successful NASCAR driver. So, Kenny volunteered to sabotage his friend's race, even tried to carry a sniper rifle with him, and even jumped on the track in the middle of the race. Although his attempt was unsuccessful, Cartman's career did collapse in the most humiliating way possible.

#9: Picture Day

Just like any other school, there's always one kid who has to do something ridiculous on picture day, and Kenny has the best idea. In his pictures, Kenny is dressed in such a way that his butt is where his face should be. funny? Oh, one hundred percent! But once a couple mistakes Kenny's photo for their missing son, the joke ceases to be funny for Cartman. And yes, these grieving parents have face asses too. Honestly, our biggest question was "Why didn't the other adults notice that Kenny was playing a prank on them?"

#8: Working at City Wok

Life was tough for Kenny McCormick. His parents were alcoholics and never seemed to have enough money for decent meals and a decent childhood. So, he decided to get a job at City Wok. How Mr. King managed to escape the punishment of child labor is beyond our comprehension. Luckily, he does pay Kenny, and we soon learn why Kenny took the job in the first place. With the little cash he earned from Mr. King, Kenny bought a doll for his sister. What a cute big brother!

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#7: Save Hawaii

Kenny ends up having to go to Hawaii for Butters' Hapanoa festival, as Butters is mad at everyone but him. Unfortunately, a series of events lead the Hawaiians to believe that Kenny might end them, forcing him to prove that he is Hawaiian. Although Kenny is disappointed with his surfing skills, with a little help from Elvis Presley and a lot of drinks, Kenny manages to turn things around. As the Hawaiians have more Chi-chis ingredients, Kenny manages to save the island.

#6: Own Magic: The Gathering

If you've ever played Magic, you know how complicated it can get, with dozens of cards made since 1993. However, we didn't expect Kenny to be a Magic master among the boys. Throughout the episode, Kenny wiped out his opponent with all the powerful cards in his deck, and he was confident in it. Whether you've been playing for years or are just a wimp, Kenny makes it clear that he's assembled the perfect deck and he's ready to wipe the floors with you.

#5: Commanding the Heavenly Army

All Kenny wants to do is play his brand new PSP and conquer the new game "Heaven vs Hell". He's so obsessed with his game that he nearly shuts out the entire world, only to get hit by an ice cream truck himself. Surprisingly, his PSP skills will be put to the test when the real paradise is about to be invaded by an army of hell. Therefore, God appointed him as the commander of the heavenly host. As expected, Kenny didn't disappoint and managed to fight off Satan and his minions...though he did take some casualties.

#4: Protect Karen

As we saw in the episode where Kenny works on City Wok, he's one of the best bros we've ever seen on TV, an absolute role model. This side of Kenny was shown again in the episode "Poor Kid", where he took on the role of Mysterion. Karen is having a hard time fitting in at her new school and is about to get beaten up by Jessica Pinkerton. Fortunately, Kenny's appearance saved the situation. Not only did he give the scumbag a taste of himself, but he also captured Karen and led her to safety. Big brother of the century, everyone!

#3: Be a princess

For some reason, Kenny didn't want to be a barbarian, a ranger, or even a priest. No, when the boys were playing Game of Thrones, Kenny wanted to be a princess. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but we don't understand why he has this ambition until much later. To help Kenny and his army in the console wars, tech company Sony gives Kenny everything he needs to be a real princess. With Sony's medallion, Kenny has the powers of a real magical anime princess and starts stopping all Xbox console shipments. We have a feeling it's all just for Cartman's bird.

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#2: Be a real superhero

Kenny is very different from other kids when it comes to playing superheroes. See, kids put on superhero roles because they're just pretending to be superheroes. Kenny, on the other hand, does have superpowers - the inability to actually die. Under the guise of Mysterion, he actually uses it as a legitimate crime-fighting means, serving as South Park's Dark Knight in Gotham City. From exposing foster parent abuse to crushing cults to helping defeat Cthulhu, Kenny is definitely the hero we don't deserve, but the one South Park needs.

#1: Convincing Satan to Abandon Saddam Hussein

Satan was involved in a toxic relationship with former dictator Saddam Hussein. The Dark Lord wanted something serious, and Hussein only wanted one thing. Things take a turn for the worse when Terrence and Philip are executed, fulfilling the prophecy of Satan and his army invading Earth. However, Kenny had several one-on-one conversations with Satan, telling him to ditch Hussein so he could have a better life. At the film's climax, Satan finally reaches his limit, throwing Hussein off a cliff. To thank Kenny for building his confidence, Satan makes Kenny make a request with no rules. Kenny is a good guy, he just wants things to go back to normal and save South Park and the world.


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