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Hello everyone! Noah has put together an MK11 guide for those who want to learn about one of my all-time favorite characters and the main character in the latest entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Bi-Han, the former Zero, was brutally slain by Scorpion and resurrected by the wizard Quan Chi as Noob Saibot; a vengeful ghost who can manipulate shadow clones to attack anyone who stands in his way.
With the addition of custom variations in competitive play, Noob Saibot has seen a power boost as this unlocks his combo potential. He's a solid, somewhat viable mid-level role right now. First, I'll cover his basic composite strings (I avoid using normals other than one, and avoid having very long guides) and some notes on each string. I'm going to use a digital transformation of the buttons to avoid confusion between players playing on different platforms. If you don't know what digital conversion is, I highly recommend doing a quick Google search.

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The only normality I'm going to introduce is shadow push. This is his back 2. The reason I'm reporting this attack is because it's Noob Saibot's Armor Break, which means that if you use this move to predict your opponent's Armor Break attempt, you'll break their Armor and have a special ability to cancel Dark Push (you Usually can't) to extend your combo while also resetting the damage scaling you've established.


Creeping Shadows: 1, 1
Nothing fancy here, just plain Noob Saibot High.

Empty Grave: 1,1,2
Noob Saibot is the only overhead in his base kit. Unfortunately, it reacts easily, meaning most average to advanced players will block this most of the time, and even better players can perfectly block the gap between the second hit overhead , and easily punish this otherwise safe move.

Tormented Souls: 1,1,3
Alternatives for overhead in this string. End in the middle, with a special cancel on hit to extend the combo, or end with a special move like a shadow attack to increase the damage output.

As one: after 1, 1+3
Nothing crazy here. This is a pretty good smell penalty tool, as the 1+3 attack can extend a long distance in front of the Noob, pulling the opponent towards you. Special cancellations are possible.

(Video) KLASSIC NOOB SAIBOT CAUSES QUITALITY! - Mortal Kombat 11: "Noob Saibot" Gameplay

For fraternities: Back 1, 1+3, 2
9-frame midrange to fend off combo opponents. There's also a devastating hit when countering or punishing, so it's great to use as a light punishment option.

Total Darkness: 2, 1
As many Noob Saibot starters do, the attack starts high. Nothing special here.

Resurrection: 2, 1, 2
The full version of Total Darkness. If this rope lands, it will launch your opponent without using any meters to start your combo.

Fade to Black: Forward 2, 2
One of Noob Saibot's best (if not the best) strings, unfortunately it also has a high starting point. The rookie moves forward while using this rope, which is a good move to catch opponents off guard.

The Evil Within: Striker 2, 2, 1
The next hit in Noob's best strings (in my opinion). The third hit in the string will lift your opponent off the ground, allowing you to special cancel multiple of his special abilities. Take your time to understand what works best for you, as there are many ways to use this string.

Howling Ghost: Striker 2, 2, 1, 2
The full version of the first two strings. As an experienced novice player, you will almost never use this string.

(Video) How to Play and Beat NOOB SAIBOT | ALL Variations MK11 Guide Combos, Jailing & Restands

Evil Silhouette: Back 3, 1+3
Attack low, and if you catch your opponent blocking you high, it can be devastating. Smashing blows bounce them off the ground for you to combine. Unfortunately, getting this crushing blow is rather difficult, as experienced opponents know they really have no reason to block you high.

These are Noob's Kombo strings. There were not many of him, and none was that great, except the Wraith. Most of his strings start high and against a good opponent you'll almost always get a Down 2 (uppercut) smash mid-match because he only has a solid mid to open up, but Noob's damage potential can make this seem like a fair deal once you get the hang of it.

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Now I will introduce all his specialties with some notes.

Shadow Tackle (Basic Kit): Back 2
Noob makes Saibot chase the opponent. This will fall in the middle so your opponent can't dodge it. If Noob takes damage while Saibot is running, the move will be canceled. This action also has a crushing blow attached to the scaled-up version (costing one meter). If you land after ten shadow moves and amplify that move, yes, you read that right, you'll be compensated with a smashing blow that does pretty decent damage. Honestly, this is another pretty tough smash hit during normal play, so don't get your hopes up on that.

Rising Shadow Kick (Base Kit): Down Back 4
Good anti-air attack, can also be used as a combo finisher and even as a combo extender in corners.

Tele-Slam (Basic Kit): Down Up
Can be zoomed in for extra damage. It's okay as an anti-partitioning tool, but the move is known to hit high and is extremely insecure when blocked. Allows you to take any counter/punitive smash hits your opponent has available.

(Video) MK11 - Noob Saibot Full Guide & Tech (Complete Breakdown) - Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Kustom Variant Special Features: Please note that some actions will conflict with each other and cannot be used in the same variant.

Spirit Orb: Back 1
Fast-moving high-altitude projectiles deal considerable damage. Good combo finisher to use after As One to rest your opponent and remove their wake option.

Ghost Ball: Back 1
The startup speed is extremely slow (42 fps), the projectile is slow moving and unstoppable and hits the mid lane. Your opponent has to jump or dodge it to avoid it. If it lands, you'll be rewarded with temporarily removing your opponent's offense and defense gauges. It should be used with caution. Can also be used after As One to catch less prepared opponents off guard.

Shadow Strike: Back 3
The low-damage, low-strike moves keep all of your normally punishing strings safely blocked. Doesn't have any combo or damage potential, so it's a niche pick.

Shadow Slide: Back 3
Noob lets the Saibot slide across the screen, hitting the opponent and doing decent damage. Not safe on block unless zoomed in. Good combo extender, can be used as a combo extender in corners. The magnified version also counts as two Shadow Attacks, making Attack Smashing Blows easier to get.

Scythe Throw: Back 2
The rookie throws the scythe into the air, dropping it overhead onto the opponent. It's also a directional attack, which means you have to enter whether you want it to land at close range, mid screen, long range, or full screen (by pressing directional enter after typing the command). Easily blocked. Does decent damage on hit, but can't be comboed because it takes a long time to fall from the sky. Can be zoomed in to knock back opponents. Niche choice, probably shouldn't be used.

(Video) Ten Minute Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat 11 Beginner Guide

Sickle Handicap: Lower Back 1
Noob's best combo extender (also has a cool cruelty). Can also be used as an anti-aircraft tool. When zoomed in, it bounces off your opponent, allowing you to keep attacking.

(Air) sickle mouth: 4 after down
The novice will throw the scythe at the opponent and teleport to the opponent. Anti-partition ability is good. Can be zoomed in to launch your opponent after teleporting.

(Aerial) Shadow Dive: Back 4
While in the air, Noob will kick Saibot down towards the opponent. There are two uses: you can use it while jumping backwards to catch a rushing opponent trying to run you down, or you can use it while jumping forward to punish an opponent trying to air-defend you. Can be zoomed in.

Shadow Portal: Down Up
Modify your long-range slams to only send your opponents into the portal, and when zoomed in, bounce them off the ground once they hit the ground for a combo. Good anti-partition tool, but still vulnerable.

(Aerial) Tele-Slam: Down Up
All of this is to add another level of mind game to your jumps by using the Tele-Slam while you jump.

That's all Noob Saibot has to offer. Before the end of the article, I will tell you what I run on Noob Saibot:
sickle barrier
shadow portal
Shadow Slide
This variation allows me to have two combo extenders (maybe three in the corner) to really increase my overall damage output. Including Shadow Slide is a personal choice. I like to take advantage of everything the rookie has to offer, which includes Shadow Tackle Smash Strike, and the zoomed-in swipe definitely makes it easier to get.

(Video) The BANNED Tier - Competitive History of NOOB SAIBOT

I thank you for taking the time to read my first character guide and I hope you all enjoy reading future character guides (Baraka and Sub-Zero are my other two most played characters) and even my Noob Saibot Beginners to intermediate combination instruction in the future! I'm Noah Bailey, aka Kaptain_Khakis, see you next time!


What is the best character to counter Noob Saibot? ›

The best characters against Noob Saibot are Shang Tsung, thanks to ground fireballs and shake, and also Jade with Robocop, thanks to their low shot.

Can Sub-Zero beat Noob Saibot? ›

The question is, could Sub-Zero as we know him today defeat his former self? With Noob Saibot's tricky range of teleports, clones, and teleporting clones, he probably couldn't.

Is Noob Saibot an easy character? ›

Noob Saibot has a decent list of combos and strong basic moves to accommodate you just starting out in Mortal Kombat 11. Some of his moves include his "shadow," Smoke, which gives you a slight upper hand against your opponent once you master the combos to call him to the arena.

Is Noob Saibot overpowered? ›

Prima Games considered Noob Saibot to be one of the most "overpowered" Mortal Kombat characters; they state "he had an unblockable projectile attack, fought side-by-side with Smoke and even had ridiculous zoning in MK9."


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