Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Walkthrough: Key Items, Chests, and Secret Rooms (2023)

Looking for a Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt walkthrough to help you navigate the bloody mazes of NetherRealm? Each room contains puzzles that require you to obtain items from other areas to solve, and there are tons of hidden paths to discover. Mortal Kombat 11's Krypt is also littered with tons of treasure chests, each requiring a different method to unlock. You need to extinguish special flame chests, for example Shao Kahn's chests cost 100 to 250 hearts.

Another way to open chests is with Koins, which you can spend 1,000 to 15,000 virtual currency on to buy chests - or should it be Kurrency? The Soul Vault requires 100 Soul Shards to unlock and is notable for its green appearance.

Much like Mortal Kombat 10, the Krypt is also filled with unlockable consumables, brutality, gear, cosmetics, and even death. It's worth noting, however, that the contents and location of locked chests are randomized. As NetherRealm explained, any two players who unlock all the chests will receive the same rewards, but from different locations. So while we can't tell you how to get to each chest and what it might contain, we can still explain how to get into the new areas and rooms.

Unfortunately, there is currently amortal kombat 11 gold bugIn games affecting Kenshi's blindfold item. Essentially, you're supposed to use the item to pay for soul shards, but players are reporting that their currency exceeds zero and becomes negative. The fix has not arrived yet, we will update it in time. On the bright side, the developers have improved theMortal Kombat 11 fps capIn levels 30 to 60 of the Rift, you can enjoy exploring this morbid maze in all its gooey splendor. Now that we're all set, here's a quick walkthrough of all the areas we've uncovered in Mortal Kombat 11 Rifts so far.

Mortal Kombat 11 Walkthrough

palace entrance

After the opening cutscene ends, you'll notice two chests in front of you. Both of these are freebies, each rewarding you with 50,000 coins and 100 hearts. Once you open them, a gate will open in front of you, and Shao Kahn's hammer will be visible on the altar - pick it up, as it will allow you to break cracked walls, which will open up new locations for you.

Behind the area where you picked up the hammer, you should notice a half-broken door. Break it out and head to the courtyard.


Once in the courtyard, go left and you should see a breakable wall next to the blue glowing Kronika Time Vault.

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You should see a large gong--hit it with a hammer and you'll open a new door in the courtyard and gain an achievement. Return to the central courtyard and head to the newly opened gate to reach the furnace.


As the name suggests, you can craft various items in Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Forge, but for that, you'll need ingredients that we don't have. However, if you're curious, you can check out ourMK11 Blacksmithing Recipeguide. Anyway, follow the road on the right towards the pass and you'll find yourself at the shrine.


You can do all sorts of things here. For perfectionists, the "Gimme Dat Money" achievement is available for 50,000 Coins. On top of that, you can win key items needed to unlock more rooms, as well as crafting materials.

But, first, head to the right to trigger the cutscene where the meteorite falls - smash it into pieces and you'll get the Life Gem. Once you're done, head to the left of the meteorite and go down the stairs, and you should find another gong. Hitting it will gift you 25,000 Coins and open a gate that will take you back to the central courtyard.

As a side note, if you got the blue amulet from the random chest, you can use it on the broken statue to get the lightning rod.

warrior temple

If you leave the shrine from the north point on the map, you'll come to an area called the Warrior Shrine. Here you'll find the head of every fighter in the game, with a chest in front of it--though they'll be "locked" at first. To unlock them, you'll need to jump out of the catacombs and perform 50 deaths or atrocities on any given fighter in Tower of Time mode to unlock their heads. Once you have one, come back and put it on its respective spear.


Go back to the area where the first gong was struck and you should see a door on the left which will open when you have the Life Gem. Walk through the open door and you will find yourself in the garden.

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Cross the bridge and destroy the wooden barricade on the left. Continue into the new room and you should find another room with a lever. Pull it to open the door on the right, behind it, you'll find Motaro's Cleft Horn.

Now backtrack, go to where the meteorite crashed and approach the gate directly in front of it. Put the Cracked Motaro's Horn in it and you'll have access to the Courtyard Cave.

garden hole

You won't be here for long, just walk through the elevator and pull the elevator to get to Goro's lair.

Goro's Lair

There are different rooms in Goro's lair, each with puzzles to solve. First, walking straight along the path triggers a cutscene.

Now that's done, let's start with the room on the right. At the end of the path, you'll reach an area full of cells, where you'll find Kenshi Takashi's blindfold, which lets you peer into the spirit realm to see hidden loot and easier-to-break walls. Keep in mind that using this item consumes soul shards. To get out, use the blindfold, and you should see a destructible wall on one side of the room, which you can hit with a hammer.

Now that you're safe, go back to Goro Throne and follow the path slightly to the right, which should take you straight up behind the throne. Follow this path and you should find the Scorpion Spear, which allows you to grab objects and corpses out of reach.

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Now let's tackle the path to Goro's Throne. If you use the chain on the wall along the way, you should be able to open the door--this will lead you to a large dining room. Head upstairs, and you'll find another door on the right, which you can open with the chain on the nearby wall. Walk through and you'll find an elevator you can use. Once at the top, follow the path until you see a gray cutscene of a man falling over a set of spikes. Loot the poor fellow's body to get Elmark's Soul Amulet, which lets you spend your soul on green jars for $100 each. You can also use it to repair specific objects, such as a bridge next to a forge. To leave this area, please exit the way you came in.

Also, if you picked up Raiden's Shattered Staff earlier, you can open a door from the left path of the Hall of Torture. Once inside, avoid the swinging trap and open the 20,000 coin chest to find the Dragon Amulet Keystone, which you can use to open the door to the mountain pass next to the furnace.

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Now that you've armed yourself with some new toys, it's time to head back to the beginning of Goro's lair and open the door there. To do this, you need one mind, one soul and one heart. You then have to leave the dungeon, enter the Tower of Classic or the Tower of Time, and complete Ten Deaths, Ten Cruelty, and Ten Mercy in the Tower Challenge. Once this is done, you can head into the vault to find a chest that costs 80,000 coins to open. Once funded, open it to get the Heart of Fire. We'll need it later to solve puzzles in The Sacrifice - more on that later.

Keating Hive

When we get to the area, we can take the correct path from the Hall of Torture to visit our first Kytinn Hive. You'll find a large spider on patrol, and if you come across it, it'll set you on fire--unless you kill it with a hammer first. Once complete, you'll receive D'vorah's unique character skin. The main thing you're going to do here is keep beating up the other spiders until one of them drops a special crafting item called "Eye of the Bewitching Dragon," which we'll need later to forge key items.


Back to that Heart of Fire item that burned a hole in your pocket - let's use it. Go back to the courtyard and head to the Warrior Shrine, you can go down the stairs under the statue. While you're here, you can access the Shao Kahn chest behind the broken door. Blindfold your eyes and look in another realm with the broken chains still intact.

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Afterwards, follow the path behind the crate to Sacrifice. You'll see the bodies of three monks placed on a pyre between three giant statues and two locked chests. Pull the lever and a large cage will lower - place the Heart of Fire inside when prompted. After that, pull the lever to raise the cage and heart, and hit it with the scorpion's chain to set it on fire. This way you will have access to both chests.


Go back to the statue and look for a small alcove, it should be to the right of the door to Goro's lair. Put on your blindfold and you should find a weak spot in the wall that will lead you to the dojo.

After completing the various chests in the area, head to the gate and pull the lever to open a new path, which will bring you 1,000 Coins and 10 Soul Shards.

Second courtyard

When you exit, look at the wall opposite the dojo's gate, put on the blindfold, and you should see another weak section of wall. Opening this hole reveals another cave behind the central courtyard.

When you leave the dojo, look at the wall opposite the dojo gate, and put on the blindfold. You'll notice cracks in the walls, which means it can be broken into. You'll find a small number of chests scattered throughout the cave, along with a chain next to it that opens a door--this takes you back to the central courtyard. There is another door that leads to an area that requires the Dragon Amulet to unlock. If you have it, you can use it to open the mountain pass door, which will open the door to the rest of the courtyard cave. From here, we can move on to the second Kytinn Hive.

Second Kytinn hive

Go through the dragon gate to the bottom of the pit, and you'll come across a sealed door that requires completing a puzzle to open. Check the three stone wheels and levers and pull them until you see three slots - each of which requires three specific key items:

  • Kronika's Talisman:Donate 1,000 Coine to the Great Shrine across the mountain pass.
  • Shinnok's Talisman:This requires three items crafted in a furnace. You need a random reward called "Bewitched Demon Heart", "Bewitched Dragon Eye" - obtained by killing spiders in Kytinn's Hive, and "Bewitched Soul Gem" - 10,000 are required to open the Soul Vault in Dead Forest Soul rewards. To put it mildly, it will take a while.
  • Amulet of Setrian:Return to the Tower of Time and kill Cetrion with 50 deaths. Once you've got her head, head to the Warrior Shrine and place it on the spear in front of her bust.

Once all of this is in place, you'll be rewarded with 5,000 Koins and access to a new area full of chests and other rewards.

Shang Tsung's Throne Room

It's a little cumbersome, but it did walk us through the walkthrough. Remember the Temple of the Warriors? You'll need to go there and place each warrior's head on its respective spear. To jog your memory, you can earn these domes by killing each fighter 50 times in either the Tower of Time or the Classic Tower. Getting 10 heads will give you access to Shang Tsung's throne room, 15 heads will give you access to his first treasure, and 25 heads will give you access to his other treasure cache. It's worth doing, as you'll be looting rare items from chests, such as each character's intro and victory animation.

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That concludes our Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt walkthrough - from Temple to Forge. We'll be sure to update this list with new rooms we find, and adjust for changes brought about by any patches.


How do you get key items in the Krypt? ›

Instead you will have to undergo "Finisher Challenges" in either the Towers of Time or Klassic Towers. Perform 10 Fatalities, 10 Brutalities, and 10 Mercies to get each of the Fragments that will be added to your inventory the next time you enter the Krypt.

How much does it cost to unlock everything in MK11? ›

According to AccomplishedPoet8's math, it could take $6,440 to unlock all of the skins in Mortal Kombat 11. If someone wanted to just play the game and unlock all of the skins in Mortal Kombat 11, AccomplishedPoet8 estimates that it would take about 3,390 hours to unlock every skin in the game.

Where is the best loot in the Krypt mk11? ›

The Gem of the Living is a special item you need to progress further into the Krypt and enter Goro's lair, which is home to some of the best treasure in the game. When you're in the outdoor area, head to the center and then north until you see an area with statues of several characters.

How many Krypt chests are there? ›

From NetherRealm's Kombat Kast on April 24th - "Upon entering the Krypt, each player is presented with their own custom Krypt experience that contains about 600 chests filled with rewards.

Where do I use Thunder God's shattered staff? ›

The Thunder God's Shattered Staff is used to open the locked door to the Kytinn Hive room, itself in the Torture Halls of Goro's Lair. It can be found by interacting with the crushed Raiden statue in the Courtyard with the Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector in the inventory.

Can you complete the Krypt MK11? ›

Content and locations of the chests are randomized, so you won't have the same game experience as other players. But in the end, when you finish MK11 Krypt, you will have the exact collection of items like the others. To open chests of different types, you will need different resources.

What kills you in krypt MK11? ›

Sometimes when looking around in Matrix code vision, a random Krypt demon will pop out, scream at, and attack you. You can be killed if you don't react in time by taking the blindfold off or swinging Shao Kahn's hammer, but if you do the latter you'll actually be handsomely rewarded.


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