Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (2023)

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A new Qi-related room is available on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, and it comes with challenges. Here's what you can get from them.

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (1)

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  • Access to Qi's walnut room
  • Accepting a Qi challenge
  • Qi's Harvest
  • Let's play a game
  • Four gems
  • Qi's hungry challenge
  • Qi's kitchen
  • Qi's kindness
  • extended family
  • danger in the depths
  • Skull Cavern Invasion
  • Qis Prismatic Grange
  • What to do with Qi gems?

Stardew-Talhas added many new things to do for both newcomers to the series and experienced players. While the island farm will be a major draw for most players, longtime fans of the game will be happy to hear that there's a new Qi-themed roomavailable on Ginger Island. The room contains a shop, a statue that helps make the game more difficult, and a special order board.

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The Special Orders Board has ten challenges for you that will really test your in-game skills. In exchange for completing a challenge, you'll receive a reward of Qi Gems, which can be used to purchase some of the most powerful items in the game.


Updated June 13th, by Jacqueline Zalace:Stardew Valley is growing in popularity, with new players picking up this cozy farming sim every day. We've updated this guide to help you better complete the available Qi challenges.

Access to Qi's walnut room

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (2)

Before completing a Qi challenge, you must do thisTurn on the walnut roomginger island.The door to the room is on the west side of Ginger Island near the pirate's wife. It is located on the side of a cliff and has been easy to identify ever sinceThe door is a light purple as shown in the picture above.

Unfortunately you can only enter the roomYou have found at least 100 golden walnuts; that isthirty fewer golden walnuts than are available in the game. Once in the room, you can face Qi's Challenge in Stardew Valley.

Accepting a Qi challenge

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (3)

As with the original special order board in Pelican Town,There are only two quests to choose from each week.You can only accept one quest per week, and the board will be updated on Monday, regardless of whether the player is still doing the previous week's quest or not.

It's possible to take on multiple Qi quests at once, but we don't recommend it.

Qi's Harvest

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (4)
  • Reward:100 gems
  • Time limit:28 Roofs

Qi's Crop is a quest that tasks youGrow and ship 100 Qi Fruits.The Qi fruit is only worth its weight in gold, but it can be grown at any time of the year. Additionally,The plant takes three days to grow and is a single crop.

Qi Fruit can be grown from Qi Beans, but these can be a bit difficult to obtain. Qi Bean can be found through the following methods.

  • break geodes
  • fishing treasure
  • breaking stones
  • cut down trees
  • Shake coconut palms
  • Break dungeon crates

One of the best ways to quickly multiply the number of seeds you have isUse a seed maker for the first few pieces of fruit.

Let's play a game

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (5)
  • Reward:10 gems
  • Time limit:7 Take

Let's Play a Game is among the most difficult challenges on the board. The query focuses on theJunimo Kart endless mode; This is a game that you can find in the saloon after you get itSkull Key. Endless mode gives you a single life and challenges you to collect 50,000 points at a time.

The best way to complete this challenge is overPractice the game in regular mode and familiarize yourself with the eight different tracks that the mode goes through.

Four gems

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (6)
  • Reward:40 gems
  • Time limit:28 Roofs

Four Precious Stones is a quest that can be completed quickly if you have four Prismatic Shards in your inventory.The quest only requires sending four Prismatic Shards at once.

Prismatic Shards are the easiest to findby searching for mystical knots in the mines, fighting monsters or mining iridium.

Qi's hungry challenge

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (7)
  • Reward:25 gems
  • Time limit:7 Take

This challenge includesTakeover of the cranial cavitywithout being able to heal himself.Qi challenges you to make it to the 100th floor in a single run without having to heal.You only have seven days to complete the challenge, so head into the mines on agood luck dayis highly recommended.

The easiest way to complete this challenge isUsing stairs to quickly move through the floor.This is especially expensive as it requires 99 bricks per staircase and you need 99 staircases to complete the challenge.Stone can be collected, but the quickest method is to buy everything from Robin for a total of 980,010 gold.

Qi's kitchen

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (8)
  • Reward:25 gems
  • Time limit:14 Roofs

Qi's Cuisine challenges youCook and ship 100,000 gold worth of recipes.Only products that are fresh and cookedafter the start of the challengewill be counted towards the total.

Unlike cropsRecipes don't have a tier of quality to increase their value, and the most profitable recipes only sell for 500 gold. Even with the most expensive recipes, you would have to ship 200 dishes. manufacturingTriple-Shot-Espressois one of the fastest and cheapest ways to complete the challenge.

Qi's kindness

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (9)
  • Reward:40 gems
  • Time limit:7 Take

Qi's kindness demands it of youGive 50 loved gifts in seven days.There are a total of 29 villagers in the game, including Leo, who can accept two gifts per week. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a combination of gifts and the following universal loves:

  • rabbit foot
  • Prismatic Shard
  • rock candy
  • Perle
  • Golden Pumpkin

Of the universal likes, the rabbit foot is the easiest to harvest with the right onecoop facility. For those of you who own a lot of gems and cooked dishes, the challenge may turn out to be pretty easy. You can also check out some guides below to help you complete this challenge.

  • Stardew Valley: All the Everyone's Favorite Gifts and Where to Find Them
  • Stardew Valley: Tips for maximum friendship with the villagers
  • Guides for every marriage candidate:
    • bachelors:Alex|Elliot|Harvey|Sam|Sebastian|Shane
    • Bachelorettes:Abigail|Emily|Haley|Lea|Maru|Penny

extended family

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (10)
  • Reward:20 EdelsteinS
  • Time limit:3 Take

Extended Family is a fishing-focused quest that you must capturethe tougher versions of the five legendary fish. These five fish are in the locations of the regular legends. Learn more about each fish and where to find them below.

fish name



Legends II

mountain lake

To catch Legend II, fish from the middle island towards the deepest parts of the lake.

Son of a Crimsonfish

Secret Beach Pier

This area is to the right of the main beach; To get here, you must first repair the small wooden bridge with 300 wood.

Radioactive carp

Pelican Citysewerage

N / A

glacier fish jr


Within Cindersap Forest, you can cross several wooden bridges until you come to a large island with a sharp lower peak. Glacier Fish Jr. can be fished from this point in the deep waters.

Frau Angler

Pelican Town River (Nordosten)

This area is located directly above Joja Mart. In this section of the river you will see a wooden plank bridge crossing the water; Fish from this bridge to catch Ms. Angler.

To increase the chance of catching these fish, use aIridium rod paired with wild bait.

danger in the depths

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (11)
  • Reward:50 gems
  • Time limit:7 Take

Danger in The Deep is a Qi challengeintroduces tougher monsters into the mine and challenges you to use a reset elevator to reach the bottom floor again.

Use a combination of bombs and stairs to get down quickly. Also, make sure you go on a lucky day and bring a powerful weapon.

Completing this challenge unlocks thatShrine of Challenge.

Skull Cavern Invasion

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (12)
  • Reward:40 gems
  • Time limit:7 Take

Skull Cavern Invasion follows the same logic as Danger in The Deep. The monsters of the cave are more powerful now and you will need itmake it to level 100.This has to be done in seven days, but the increased difficulty will allow you to get some of the rare items.

Skull Cavern has tougher monsters, so you should bring more food and lots of stairs. It is important to rememberUnlike the mines, you must start on the first floor every time you enter Skull Cavern.

Qis Prismatic Grange

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (13)
  • Reward:35 gems
  • Time limit:14 Roofs

To complete Qi's Prismatic Grange you mustPlace 100 items of each required color in Qi's Collection Box.The required colors are red, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow.

Items you place will not be returned!

Below you can check out the easiest-to-obtain items of each color.




  • fire quartz
  • salmonberry


  • copper ore


  • Jojo Cola
  • blackberry


  • Phases


  • Refined quartz
  • bug meat


  • Saft

What to do with Qi gems?

Stardew Valley: Every Qi challenge and its rewards (14)

Now that you have Qi Gems, let's take a quick look at what you can do with them. Below you canCheck out every item you can buy with these gems.All of these items are available fromVending machine in the nut room.


What is it?


Aquatic Sanctuary


20 Edelstein


Destroy crafted items

20 gems

Deluxe Fertilizer Recipe

Recipe for fertilizer

20 gems


Combines fertilizer into sprinklers

20 gems

Exotic bed


50 gems

Galaxy Seele

Forge with Galaxy weapons

40 gems

Golden Egg

  • Only available afterAchieve 100% perfection

Hatches a golden chicken

100 gems

Heavy tapper recipe

This is a more efficient tapper

20 gems


Loads machines automatically

10 gems

Hopper recipe

Recipe for the hopper

50 gems

horse flute

Summon your horse

50 gems

Hyper Speed ​​Gro Recipe

Recipe for very efficient speed gro

30 gems

Junimo Chest (2)

Linked chests that share storage

30 gems

key to the city

Keys to enter any building in the city, regardless of the time or day

20 gems

Magic Bait (20)

Used to catch any fish in any season

5 gems

Magic Bait Recipe

Recipe for making Magic Bait

20 gems

Mr. Qi's hat


5 gems


Seeds to grow your own mushroom tree

5 gems

List of missing stocks by Pierre

Pierre will sell items out of season

50 gems

pressure nozzle (4)

Increase sprinkler range

20 gems

Qi Spice (10)

Combine with dishes to give them gold quality

10 gems

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