The 10 Best Cartman Episodes from South Park, Ranked (2023)

Sud Parkis a character of the longest running animated collection created in 1997 byTrey ParkerAndMatt Stein. With more than 300 episodes under its belt, the show clearly remains a favorite among viewers, who continue to follow the antics of the smaller Colorado town and its colorful characters, including Randy Marsh, Butters Stotch and one of the series' most iconic characters, Eric Cartman.

Cartman is a spoiled little boy who quickly transformed one of the show's most iconic characters with catchphrases like "Regard my authoritah!" and signature episodes along with "Casa Bonita" and "The Coon". Throughout the collection there was a selection of funny Cartman episodes, but from the 26 seasons ofSud Park, there are some of the best Eric Cartman episodes that definitely stand out.

10 "chicken lover"

Period 2, Episode 14 (1998)

When Officer Barbrady begins investigating everyone who has been molesting the town's chickens, he has to admit he won't know how to study. Ashamed of his illiteracy, he resists police pressure to return to the faculty. Although Barbrady is on the faculty, he asks the boys to help patrol town, but Cartman will put his new duties to the test.

"Chickenlover" was the first episode in which a person was credited with Cartman's well-known catchphrases: "Respect my authoritah!" making it instantly iconic. Cartman dressing up as a law enforcement officer was the beginning of the character, who is currently portrayed in a variety of costumes as part of a grand scheme of how to dress up as an older woman or a runaway teenager in order to get into the fictionally significant show, "Maury".

9 "Cartman's Incredible Gift"

Time 8, Episode 13 (2004)

Shortly after surviving a near-fatal fall, Cartman is taken to the health facility, where he meets the victim of a serial killer who cuts off the still-left hand of each of his victims. The nearby police are baffled by the killer, and after Cartman makes a few correct guesses, detectives begin to believe he developed psychic abilities from the fall.

Cartman's Incredible Reward is a slight parody of the 1983 adaptationStephen KingThe novel,Useless ZonewithChristopher Walken. The episode is a continuation in a series of psychic-focused episodes parodying other well-known films, includingCrimson DragonAndThe gift, but "Cartman's Extraordinary Gift" stands out as a good episode in Year 8 as perfectly as a critical Cartman episode.

8 "Animated Wars"

Period 10, Episodes 3 & 4 (2006)

The cartoon,family members man, is arranging the airing of an episode in which Mohammed causes people to worry about possible backlash. Cartman who hatesrelated personShe sees this as a way to get the exhibition canceled and rushes to Hollywood.

"Cartoon Wars" is a two-part episode in which Kyle tries to stop Cartman from using other people's feelings for his personal trifle. People are known to argue a lot, but Cartoon Wars is one of those unusual times Kyle agrees with Cartman. In 2008, the episode was released on DVD in a compilation of the very best Cartman episodes entitled The Cult of Cartman.

7 "Mystery Rises"

Time 14, Episode 12 (2010)

When an oil company drills into the ocean, they unknowingly open a gateway to an extra dimension, unleashing the legendary creature Cthulhu. Cartman, disguised as The Coon, travels to Cthulhu's whereabouts, where he manages to encourage the monster to help him get revenge on Mysterion and his friends for kicking him out of Coon and Good Friends.

Mysterion Rises is the next episode in a three element story influenced by dark comic book films like e-booksThe dark knightAndGuardian. The title of the episode is a direct indication of thisChristopher nolan's closing installment in theDark KnightTrilogy,The dark knight rises. "Mysterion Rises" isn't really a Cartman solo performance, but his intelligent references to itMy neighbor TotoroAndLooney Tunes' Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot as Cartman befriends Cthulhu make the episode a critical one.

6 "Shhh"

Year 10, Episode 7 (2006)

When Cartman gets into trouble at school, his mother realizes she can't command him and asks others for help, such asSupernannyStern,Yes Frost, but all are unsuccessful. With no other options, Cartman's mother turns to the famous dog trainer.Caesar Milanwhose strategies are proving to be really powerful.

It can be no secret that Cartman is a troublemaker who lacks any serious self-discipline, but in "Tsst" he gets a really hilarious lesson that makes it a top-notch Cartman episode. When asked about his performance on the show, Milan received a constructive response, saying the entire episode was "awesome."

5 “Medicinal Roast Rooster”

Period 14, Episode 3 (2010)

When new state guidelines ban the sale of quick meals in Colorado, Cartman's favorite KFC coffee shop is converted into a medicinal cannabis store. Cartman, addicted to KFC's chicken, struggles without the restaurant's groceries until he is introduced to the work and marketing of the chicken on the black market.

Medicinal Fried Hen is another unforgettable parody episode influenced by the iconic 1980s gangster movie.scarface.Cartman's specific portrayal asAl PacinoTony Montana's character, and the rigorous small business talks between him and Colonel Sanders as Alejandro Sosa, make this a golden Cartman episode.

4 „Awesom-O“

Time 8, Episode 5 (2004)

In an attempt to study Butters' secrets and techniques, Cartman decides to prank him by disguising himself as a robot named A.W.E.S.O.M.-O from Japan. When Cartman approaches Butters, he is shocked when Butters reveals to him that he has a video clip of Cartman dancing toBritney Spearswith a reduction ofJustin Timberlake.

"Awesom-O" is one of several episodes where Cartman tries to trick Butters, but attacking him is one of Cartman's best episodes. According to the DVD commentary, "Awesom-O" was one of the shortest episodes the series had ever produced and is considered one of Parker and Stone's favorites of the entire series.

3 "The Loss of the Life of Eric Cartman"

Period 9, Episode 6 (2005)

Right after Cartman eats all the pores and skin off the roast hen, his buddies decide to ignore him, and when all the other faculty students start walking with them, Cartman concludes that he should be lifeless. Butters, unaware of the circumstances, greets Cartman, who convinces him that he is a ghost and until he allows him to cross into the afterlife, he will haunt him to no end.

There are a handful of funny Butters and Cartman episodes, but The Demise of Eric Cartman is one of the best Cartman episodes, portraying him at an emotional lightweight. While the episode is full of laughs, it's truly one of many that gives a partial glimpse into a sensitive aspect of Cartman that only a character as innocent and sane as Butters could express in him.

2 "Nice House"

Season 7, Episode 11 (2003)

Kyle is allowed to invite 3 of his friends to go to Colorado's version of Disneyland, Casa Bonita, with him for his birthday. He invites Stan and Kenny, but considering that Cartman will make fun of him, he decides to invite Butters as his third guest. Desperate to leave, Cartman takes serious action by conveniently missing Butters.

"Casa Bonita" is a memorable Cartman episode with a personal backstory that cements its place among the most successful. The episode was struck by the Mexican-themed restaurant, Casa Bonita, in Denver, Colorado, which both Parker and Stone experienced in fond memories of visiting as youngsters. In 2021, Parker and Stone announced they would pay for the restaurant.

1 "Scott Tenorman Must Die"

Year 5, Episode 4 (2001)

Immediately after receiving pubic hair from 9th grade student Scott Tenorman, Cartman brags to his close friends that he has reached puberty. Cartman is unaware that puberty means growing his own hair, and angry at being betrayed, he tries to get his dollars back from Scott. Soon after countless failed attempts, Cartman finally gets his revenge on Scott.

Cartman revealed a distinctly sinister aspect of himself in Scott Tenorman Need to Die, as his willpower for revenge undergoes an incredibly morbid transformation. The episode is acknowledged as showing a major shift in the show's production, as perfectly as the characterization of Cartman, turning him into a genuinely bad kid who only got darker and darker as the collection progressed. It's genuinely disturbing, hilarious, and unforgettable - features enthusiasts often align themselves with Cartman.

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