The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (2023)

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (1)

forincredible 22 seasons, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kennymake us laughHysteria makes us often cringe in South Park. trey parker and matt stones areking of political incorrectnessandsocial attack, thus creating an incredibly awesome menagerie of characters with which they can target their cultural barbs.

butSouth ParkMore than just the daily routines and adventures of four fourth graders. It's about their family and the other crazy townspeople of their quiet little white country town.

We took 25 of the bestSouth ParkCharacters and rank them from bottom to top, bottom is not very low because there are so many amazing characters on the show.

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (2)

25. Stuart McCormick

South ParkStuart McCormick, the father of Kenny, Scotland's biggest Scotch drinker and poorest resident, doesn't always have a big role like some of the other parents on the show, but when he does, he Usually hilarious.

Classic quotes:"Well, it looks like Kenny has passed away, maybe we should name him...Kenny."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (3)

24. Shirley Marsh

This is Stan's mean older sister who is basically never happy at anything, especially her younger brother. Probably the tiara bound her so tightly.

Classic quotes:"You ass!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (4)

23. Ms. Choksondik

Diane Makesmesick, er, Choksondik, is the fourth-grade teacher the boys hate. Unfortunately, she went to the big school in the sky.

Classic quotes:"My name is not Ms. CHOKSONROCKS, it's CHOKSONDIK!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (5)

22. Mr. Slave

Mr. Garrison had a lover for a while, before he was Mrs. Garrison, was Mr. Slave, he was a BDSM lover and basically had a catchphrase that was hilarious every time he said it

Classic quotes:"Oh, Jesus Christ!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (6)

21. Ike Broflovski

Ike is Kyle's foster brother. It's clear from his parted jaw that he's Canadian. Generally, he's always been a background character with stray lines here and there, but over the years he's taken on more and more important roles, including entire episodes dedicated to him, like "Royal Pudding." He becomes a very funny and angry foil to Kyle (and America in general).

Classic quotes:"Don't kick the damn kid."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (7)

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20. Officer Barbrady

Bumbling Chief Constable VigumSouth Park, Officer Barbrady is always walking around town, desperately (and often unsuccessfully) trying to keep the citizens of South Park calm and safe. he iscartoon version of leslie nelsonexistnaked gunTelling people "there's nothing to see here" as the world burns behind them.

Classic quotes:"Okay, everyone, try to disperse in an orderly manner, ouch."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (8)

19. Grandpa Marsh

Billy's... er... Stan's grandpa, Marvin Marsh, is a mean, senile, suicidal old man who sometimes helps Billy... er... Stan and sometimes fights him. As the leader of South Park's senior population, he fought the townspeople when it attempted to revoke the driver's licenses of all seniors, and was the leader of the town's Civil War reenactment club.

Classic quotes:"If they think they can take my driver's license, I'll be damned!"

18. Jimbo

South ParkJimbo Kern, Randy Marsh's half-brother and Stan's uncle, is the local population's stereotypical beer-drinking, gun-toting, veteran redneck. He is almost always seen in cahoots with his best buddy and fellow veterinarian Ned, and together they are usually on the fringes of society, advocating violence and/or drunkenness.

Classic quotes:"Damn Ned, doesn't that thing have a volume control?"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (10)

17. Ned Gerblanski

He goes hand in hand with Jimbo. Like Jimbo, Ned is your typical beer-drinking, gun-toting, veteran redneck, but Ned has two notable differences: his throat and his missing right arm, which he lost in the South Village. Ned was a bigger character in his early years, and his lines have all but disappeared over the years. Of course, that means when he talks, it's usually hilarious.

Classic quotes:"Looks like my ex-wife."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (11)

16. PC Principal

PC Principal is the cartoon incarnation of the overly politically correct, angry Snowflake or Brother Bernie, if you will. He's also the best new character introduced on the show in years. It took some time for the character to find his footing, but once he did, he was great as the new principal of South Park Elementary.

Classic quotes:"Watch your microattacks, brother!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (12)

15. Chef

Chef, real name Jerome McElroy, is one of the all-time classics, if the actor who played him, the late great Isaac Hayes hadn't quit the show for the Scientology episode ("Trapped in the Closet"). Chef is the talkative, soul-singing, loving cafeteria chef who guides the boys in all aspects of life and love. Famous for their Chocolate Salted Balls and other elementary school 'goodies', notably Salisbury Steak,when hayes left, it was a hole that was impossible to fill, so in true South Park impertinence, they brought him back as "Chef Darth" and cobbled together old lines from old episodes into new ones.

Classic quotes:"Hello, children."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (13)

14. Mr. McKee

Counselors are often an underappreciated character on television and film, and Mr. McKee is no exception. He's usually portrayed as a naive, bumbling teacher who's at least 5 steps behind the kids he's supposed to be tutoring at South Park Elementary. Mr. McKee is rarely the main character in the story, but is usually an important part of whatever happens at the school.

Classic quotes:"The medicine is not good, eh."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (14)

13. Tweek adjustment

Tweek is a classmate of Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny who's been adjusted to an excess of caffeine. While he's not one of the four core members of the cast, he's almost always part of a larger group of students, and whenever they do something bad, he usually throws a fit over drinking too much coffee. Since season 19, he has had a loyal but sometimes volatile relationship with South Park Elementary classmate Craig.

Classic quotes:"Oh, the pressure is too much!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (15)

(Video) EVERY South Park Character RANKED from WORST to BEST

12. Jimmy

Jimmy Valmer is South Park Elementary's most popular disabled stand-up comedian. He's a master of terrible one-liners and really bad jokes, but he's also often the leader of the various schemes kids at school come up with.

Classic quotes:"What a great audience!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (16)

11. Token Black

The name of the token says it all. in typicalSouth ParkIronically, Token is a group of African-AmericansSouth ParkKids, he was from one of the only African-American families in town. They also happen to be one of the wealthiest families in town, and Token often has all the latest toys and gizmos. He turns out to be a prolific bassist, despite never having played before, and is often subject to some of Cartman's worst barbs and insults, most of which he disdains, though occasionally he strikes back harshly glance.

Classic quotes:"Jesse Jackson was not the emperor of black people!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (17)

10. Goth Gang

The Goth Gang is actually four, but they almost always act as one. The Goths are a frustrated, angry, sad, nihilistic bunch who are cynical about the whole world they inhabit and, frankly, really, really funny. They are very anti-emo, sometimes rivals, sometimes allies of Vamp Kids. They may have names, but they don't matter. Does it really matter?

Classic quotes:"If you want to be one of the nonconformists, all you have to do is dress like us and listen to the music we like."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (18)

9. Towels

A pipe-smoking, Funktown-loving towel that gets the boys into all sorts of trouble, Towelie is a very small part of the grand scheme of things, but he's a classic every episode. His bloodshot eyes and severe marijuana addiction are at the heart of everything Towelie does, and despite what Cartman says, Towelie is definitely not the worst character ever.

Classic quotes:“Don't forget to bring towels!”

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (19)

8. Mr. Garrison

No character has gone through more changes than Mr. Garrison. He went from Mr. Garrison to Ms. Garrison to Mr. GarrisonTo Mr. Presidentthroughout the performance. He's one of the oldest characters on the show, dating back to the very first episode. Throughout the show, he's dated many men and women, and has struggled with his gender, sexuality, and everything else in his life, leaving him angry and bitter most of the time. He's cynical, biased, and hilarious.

Classic quotes:"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (20)

7. Kenny McCormick

Kenny is of course one of the four central characters in the show. He is a sharp, mumbling, poor, adventurous friend who will do almost anything for money, something Cartman often takes advantage of. He also died 98 times throughout the series (plus two in the film). Kenny is usually more of a prop than a character, as almost everything that comes out of the back of his hood is incomprehensible. There are exceptions, especially when he's the superhero Mysterio. he is absolutely classicSouth Park.

Classic quotes:... Actually, sometimes you can understand what he said, but really, what makes them great is what you think he said, so we'll stop there.

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (21)

6. Timmy Birch

Timmy, the wheelchair-bound classmate of the four main boys, communicates only by his first name, kind of like a Pokemon. With that in mind, here's what else you need to know about him: Timmy! Timmy! Timmy? Tim Ma! Timmy. I think I've summed him up pretty effectively.

Classic quotes:"Time!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (22)

5. Kyle Broflovski

One of the core four, the stars of the show, and the only Jewish kid in the group. As the only Jewish kid, he, like Token, is constantly subject to the worst Cartman anti-Semitism that Cartman has to dish out. As one of the key members of the cast, Kyle has been through too much to recount here, but suffice it to say that the show would be a very different series without Ginger, who wears the iconic green hat . He is known for reacting to Kenny's death with "YOU BASTARDS!" Like Stan, he is also often the moral center of the show, in contrast to Cartman.

Classic quotes:"Oh shit, Cartman."

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (23)

(Video) Ranking South Park Characters 2

4. Butters

For some reason, some people hate Butters Stoch. Which doesn't make sense, since his character has always been one of the funniest on the show. He didn't start off as one of South Park's main kids, but he has become the most important character on the show, with multiple storylines and episodes based on his behavior. Kidnapped by Cartman, bullied by his grandmother, harassed by the Super Boss, he's been a part of almost every adventure the boys have since the beginning.

Classic quotes:"Oh, hamburgers!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (24)

3. Stan Marsh

If you had to pick a "main" characterSouth Park, probably has to be Stan Marsh. More consistently than any other character on the show, Stan and his family are at the center of episodes. As a character, he's kind of like Lisa Simpson. He's not as amoral as his other friends, and he has a much more subtle sense of humor than most characters, in stark contrast to the show's usually over-the-top sense of humor. He's not straight in the traditional sense, but he's not a badass either. He is an ordinary person. Most people think of him as himself on the show, making him probably the most important, if not the funniest or best character.

Classic quotes:"My God, they killed Kenny!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (25)

2. Randy Marsh

By day, he's a bland geologist, but at other times he's a first-rate Renaissance man. He's a guitarist, TV chef, Obama supporter, medical marijuana advocate, pop singer Lorde, weed farmer, mall security on Black Friday, minor league baseball fighter, internet porn junkie, newbieworld of warcraft player, Princess Leia, and most importantly, Stan's father. When an episode is based on Randy, you can almost guarantee it will become an instant classic.

Classic quotes:"Sorry, I thought this was America!"

The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked (26)

1. Eric Cartman

He is very fat. He is rude. He is racist. He is anti-Semitic. He is one of the baddest people on earth. Because of this, Cartman is the best character in the movieSouth one likes him, but he is in the middle of everything. He's a disgusting bully who often gets away with his horrific deeds and the world loves to hate him for it. There are not enough words in the English language to describe what a horrible person he was. But also not enough to describe how interesting this character is. Cartman, more than anyone else, represents the best and the worstSouth Parkyes. Yes, he was really rude,like this showSometimes it is, but when he is, he's so funny, the aggression doesn't meet the defensive, it meets the laugh. Many of them. Would the world be a better place without him? Yes. does it worth? never.

Classic quotes:"Respect my ATHORITAH"

It's sad that some other classic secondary characters like Sheila and Sharon are left out, but it's a testament to how interesting all of them can bein the show.Let us know who your favorite is!

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The 25 Best South Park Characters of All Time, Ranked? ›

South Park is set in a fictional Colorado town of the same name and focuses largely on the antics of four grade-school boys: Eric Cartman, Stanley Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenneth (Kenny) McCormick, although numerous episodes have dealt with the town's other denizens, most of whom are recurring characters.

Who are the 5 main characters South Park? ›

South Park is set in a fictional Colorado town of the same name and focuses largely on the antics of four grade-school boys: Eric Cartman, Stanley Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenneth (Kenny) McCormick, although numerous episodes have dealt with the town's other denizens, most of whom are recurring characters.

Why isn t Kenny in South Park anymore? ›

Stone stated that thinking of humorous ways to kill the character was initially fun, but became more mundane as the series progressed. When they determined that it would be too difficult to develop the character because he was too much of a "prop", Parker and Stone finally decided to kill off Kenny permanently.

Who is the strongest South Park kid? ›

Inception. In the beginning of South Park, Craig was said to be the most violent and strongest student in the third-grade class (excluding Cartman). Cartman once claimed that Craig was the "biggest troublemaker in [their] class", and parents of his classmates have cited him as a "bad influence".

Who is the cutest boy in South Park? ›

Plot. The boys discover that the girls in their class have made a list of them, ordered by cuteness. The boys, after two attempts, eventually succeed in stealing the list and discover it ranks Clyde as the cutest, and Kyle as the ugliest, with Cartman just above him.

Who is the smartest kid in South Park? ›

Kyle Broflovski is one of the main characters of South Park. Based on co-creator Matt Stone, Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park, and is by far the smartest kid in town.

Who is Kenny's best friend? ›

Best Friends

Cartman and Kenny's relationship has been rocky at times, but they always return to their close friendship status, playing with toys or hanging out at Casa Bonita together.

Why is butters called butters? ›

The nickname "Butters" evolved from Parker and Stone calling Stough "little buddy" for about three years.

Did Butters replace Kenny? ›

Season 5, Episode 13 ended Kenny's first run on South Park. While the disease he was diagnosed with was never named in the episode, it was later confirmed to be Muscular Dystrophy. After Kenny's final death, he was replaced in the core group by Butters.

Why does Kenny cover his face? ›

Originally, Kenny was based on a school friend of South Park co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone who wore an orange hoodie that, not unlike Kenny's distinctive signature outfit, covered his face with its hood, and he frequently seemed to vanish from school for days at a time (prompting Stone and Parker to joke that ...

What's Kenny short for? ›

A diminutive form of Kenneth, this short and sweet name means “handsome.” Kenneth has two possible sources; one is derived from the Gaelic name Coinneach, meaning “the handsome one.” It may also come from the name Cináed, meaning “born of fire.” South Park fans may think of the character Kenny, who is a staple of the ...

Who is the true main character of South Park? ›

Eric Theodore Cartman, usually referred to as just Cartman, is the main character of the South Park franchise. He is the main character of South Park, and one of the two main characters (alongside Kyle Broflovski) of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Who is immortal in South Park? ›

In more recent seasons, Kenny's backstory has been considerably fleshed out and his mysterious immortality is even explained. As a result of his parents' teenage Cthulhu-worshipping ways, Kenny is cursed to be an immortal abomination.

Is Kyle Broflovski a ginger? ›

The fact that Kyle has red hair introduced some difficulties during production. Parker and Stone felt that they needed to distinguish Kyle from the other redheaded kids because the character does not associate with them.

What gender is Kyle Broflovski? ›

Kyle Broflovski
AliasThe Human Kite
GenderMale, Gender-Neutral (South Park: The Fractured but Whole)
OccupationStudent, School Counselor (future)
FamilyGerald Broflovski (father) Sheila Broflovski (mother) Ike Broflovski (adopted brother)
9 more rows

Who is the most popular girl in South Park? ›

Theresa appears to be one of the more popular girls at South Park Elementary, or at least part of their extended circle in recent seasons.

Who is Kyle Broflovski crush? ›

He seemed on the cusp of a relationship with Leslie Meyers, until her secrets were revealed to the town. Despite his charming personality, Kyle has never made it passed one date with any of his love interests on-screen, meaning he's yet to have had an official girlfriend.

What South Park character has ADHD? ›

About. Tweek is an over-caffeinated 4th grader. His parents own the local coffee shop, which is especially helpful since he drinks coffee to calm down. His parents claim that his hyperactivity is due to ADD.

Who is smarter Kyle or Kenny? ›

Kyle Broflovski is one of South Park's four main characters, along with Stan, Cartman, and Kenny. He's loosely based on co-creator Matt Stone, while Stan is a stand-in for Trey Parker. Kyle is the smartest of the gang and a member of the town's only Jewish family.

What is Tweeks real name? ›

Gavin Dempsey (born April 11, 1998), also known as Tweek, is an American professional Super Smash Bros. player. Tweek won three major Super Smash Bros.

Who is Butter's best friend? ›

Butters' closest friendships are those with Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick.

Who is Stan Marsh's best friend? ›

Other than his Super Best Friend, Kyle, Stan's closest friends have always been the local fat kid and the local poor kid. When he's not hanging out with them, he's usually sticking up for the schoolyard's punching bag, or hanging out with a certain handi-capable comedian.

What was Kenny's secret? ›

Kenny's concealed nature as a pedophile was without a doubt his darkest secret and one that could very well ruin his life and tarnish his reputation if revealed to the world; accordingly, he went to great lengths in order to keep this aspect of his personality concealed, including implementing a lock on his bedroom ...

Who does Cartman love? ›

Heidi Turner
ReligionRoman Catholic
MotherNancy Turner
FatherMr. Turner
BoyfriendEric Cartman
7 more rows

What is Cartman's hero name slur? ›

In the episode, Cartman poses as a comic book superhero vigilante named "The Coon", who grows increasingly jealous of the popularity and success of a rival superhero named "Mysterion". Episode no.

Is Cartman in love with Kyle? ›

While rubbing Kyle's belly, he says calls Kyle "a handsome, soft Jew" and says that he is "fresh and beautiful". In "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman tells everyone he and Kyle are a gay couple in order to prevent Kyle from stepping in Token and Nichole's relationship.

Who has a crush on Butters? ›

Lisa Has A Crush On Butters! To boost her confidence, the cheerleaders encourage Lisa Berger to ask Butters on a date.

Why is Butters blind in one eye? ›

Butters then transforms into Professor Chaos and has a "ninja fight" with the gang. This ends when Kenny accidentally throws a shuriken into Butters' eye, which causes him extreme pain, shocking the other boys.

Who does Butters have a crush on? ›

Read all. After Butters turns down a fat girl that asks him out, Wendy is upset over Butters' crush on Kim Kardashian because she says Kim is actually a short fat hobbit who uses photo shop to make herself look more attractive.

What is the funniest episode of South Park? ›

1. “Casa Bonita” (Season 7, Episode 11) “Casa Bonita” isn't the most unique episode of “South Park,” or the most topical, or the most controversial, or the most significant. Instead, it's number one because it's maybe the single funniest in the show's history.

What is Butters superhero name? ›

About. Professor Chaos is Butters Stotch's villainous alter-ego. Born from a life of dejection, he vows to bring chaos to the world that has shunned him time and time again.

How old is Tweek from South Park? ›

Hair ColorBlond
Grade4th Grade
7 more rows

Do we ever see Kenny's face? ›

In the series, Kenny's face is barely ever shown. He is usually seen in his signature orange hoodie that covers the majority of his face except for his eyes and mouth.

Has Kenny ever talked? ›

Another key aspect of Kenny's character was his inability to be understood by the viewer. He could talk, but his tight orange hoodie muffled his voice so that only the show's characters could understand it.

Why does Kenny wear a ring? ›

In the episode, Kenny and his new girlfriend are encouraged by the Jonas Brothers to wear purity rings, which is secretly a marketing tactic by Disney to sell sex to young girls. Episode no. The episode was written and directed by series co-founder Trey Parker and is rated TV-MA-L in the United States.

What is Jimmy stand for? ›

Jimmy is a boy's name of Hebrew origin and a derivation of James. Associated with victory and change, Jimmy means “he who supplants” which indicates someone who may forcefully take a position or role belonging to someone else.

What's Kenny's last name? ›

Kenny's last name revealed | Fandom. Kenny's last name has been revealed to be Rogers.

What is Kenny's sister name? ›

Karen is Kenny's rarely-seen little sister. She often clings to her brothers Kevin and Kenny for support. She likes playing with dollies, visiting North Park Funland with her family, and ice cream, and has been seen to share a bedroom with her brother Kevin.

How evil is Cartman? ›

While Cartman has always been a crass child he was not originally seen as entirely evil; however, the show's fifth season was when his character arc took a turn for the worst and ultimately became the psychopath and sociopath of today.

Was Cartman originally Kenny? ›

He first appeared with the name Kenny in the short film The Spirit of Christmas (1992), and later appeared in the 1995 film of the same title before debuting in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", the first episode of the series, on August 13, 1997.

Is Stan or Cartman the main character? ›

Stan is the protagonist of the show.

Who knows Kenny dies? ›

Although Cartman isn't exactly the best friend in all South Park and is always aggressive, prejudiced, narcissistic, and more, he's the only one that has noticed that Kenny dies a lot, making way for two fan theories that try to explain how Cartman knows that Kenny is immortal.

Who is the most innocent South Park character? ›

#1: Leopold "Butters" Stotch

One of the most innocent, gullible and nicest characters on South Park, Butters is constantly picked on by other students (primarily Cartman) and abused by his domineering parents (including nearly being drowned by his mother in "Butters' Very Own Episode").

Who is Kenny's dad? ›

Kenny's dad is named Stuart McCormick. Cartman's dad is named Jack Tenerman. Butter's dad is named Stephen Stotch.

What are the Broflovski twins names? ›

Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are fictional characters in the animated television series South Park.

Who has black hair in South Park? ›

Hair ColorBlack
First AppearanceRainforest Schmainforest

What color is Kenny's eyes? ›

Generally Kyle has green eyes, Kenny has blue eyes and Cartman has brown eyes, at least from what I've seen. The sketch shows that Kyle's a bit skinnier than Stan, but it's hard to say how accurate that sketch is to the real characters.

Who is the most main character in South Park? ›

Stan Marsh

Stan is a third- then fourth-grade student who commonly has extraordinary experiences not typical of conventional small-town life in his hometown of South Park. He is also commonly portrayed as the main protagonist of the series.

Who is the hero in South Park? ›

The Coon (Eric Cartman)

This fearless crime fighter is the only one who can sort through the trash can of society.

Who is the most popular kid in South Park? ›

Stan Marsh

If you had to pick one "main" character on South Park, it would probably have to be Stan Marsh. Stan and his family are more consistently the center of episodes than any other characters on the show.

Who is the 2nd main character in South Park? ›

Eric Theodore Cartman, usually referred to as just Cartman, is the main character of the South Park franchise. He is the main character of South Park, and one of the two main characters (alongside Kyle Broflovski) of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

Who is the villain of South Park? ›

Eric Theodore Cartman, more commonly known by his surname Cartman, is the main antagonist, as well as the tritagonist, of the adult animated sitcom South Park.

Who is the cutest character in South Park? ›

Cutest South Park Characters
  1. 1 Butters Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. ...
  2. 2 Kenny Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

Who plays God in South Park? ›

Trey Parker is the voice of God in South Park.

Who is the emo girl in South Park? ›

Henrietta Biggle is one of the main members of the Goth Kids, a non-conformist group that usually hangs out behind South Park Elementary and smoke cigarettes.

Who is the most popular girl? ›

10 Most Popular Women In 2023 – Overview
1Oprah WinfreyAmerican
3Lana Del ReyAmerican
6 more rows
Mar 31, 2023

Why does Kenny wear a hoodie? ›

Kenny McCormick is the poor member of the Four Boys. Almost all of the time, Kenny wears a hood that muffles his speech. Kenny being muffled is how he gets away with inappropriate and vulgar speech without having to be bleeped out or censored. Kenny is also shown to enjoy getting high.

Is South Park a 18? ›

Highly recommend for 13 and up.


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